Joe has been a photographer for more than a decade.  Recent accomplishments include being published in Playboy twice, being on a TV show as a photographer, many photos published by clients on the web, and his photography used for a CNBC TV show.

He shoots a wide variety of styles always capturing the essence of the person, group, ad, location, or event. He has shot for the likes of celebrities, TV shows, businesses, and realtors.  He has traveled to many destinations in the world taking gorgeous photos of places and people.  Primarily, his goal is an exceptional image which is a combination of experience, personality, and creativity. 

He has personally trained with two master photographers in his career.  When he has free time, he experiments with light quality and characteristics.  He has a definite style with his composition.  

Photographic styles Joe shoots include advertising, fashion, portrait, commercial, glamour, events, sports, beauty, wedding, and editorial.

He shoots with top-notch, mobile equipment thus he is able to shoot strobe in remote locations such as beaches, boats, piers, balconies, fields, venues, stage, airplanes, cars, etc. You name it, he can probably shoot there to create your images.



A process is followed for each client project.  The client will be asked questions regarding their project such as concept, time frame, budget, on-site staff, etc.  A quote will be provided. Pricing depends on many factors. Please contact Joe for pricing.

He works with hair stylists and makeup artists that have worked with celebrities and TV personalities. He has worked with select image finishing professionals.  He has the contact list to quickly engage the talents of professional image retouchers that have produced for the likes of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.  If your project requires magazine print, billboard, etc., know you will get your end product with the best final result.


Monica R.
676d ago

Joe is very professional and delivers the work on time. His input and ideas are always respected as he has the necessary experience to amaze you with his final product.

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